Mix Up 4: Sydney



We’re both from here. We met in high school, made our first music here, did our first shows here. Bag Raiders was born in Sydney. It feels right to end this month of mixes on JJJ by taking it back to the place where it all began! When we were coming up, the Sydney scene was pumping. So many amazing bands, djs and parties. It’s our great hope that in the future, Sydney reclaims its place as one of the most important musical cities in the world. We wanted this mix to represent some of the incredible artists and bands that call Sydney home. Old and new, there’s a wide range of tracks but they’re all 100% home grown, local, Sydney all the way. We hope you enjoy it!!

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  1. Crys Cole & Oren Ambarchi - Burrata

  2. Set Mo - Surrender

  3. Touch Sensitive - Lay Down

  4. MUTO - Blodlust

  5. Cosmo’s Midnight - C.U.D.I. (Can U Dig It)

  6. Crooked Colours - Hold On

  7. The Canyons - Apples and Pears

  8. Love Deluxe & CC:DISCO! - Ivan’s Hymn

  9. Roland Tings - Cagean Sea

  10. Freda and Jackson - Flux

  11. No Mas - Voices

  12. BRUX - Paper Boy

  13. Gerling - Dust Me Selecta

  14. Rufus Du Sol - Treat You Better (Cassian Remix)

  15. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Body Move (Bag Raiders Remix)

  16. Van She - Kelly

  17. Paul Mac - Cataplexy

  18. Mickey Kojak - Ghost

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